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TodayI was meditating on the parable of the prodigal son, this parable has like three dimensions ,it clearly shows how our Father forgives. But today I want to show you what the Law makes you. We are told that this man had two sons note that , when one of them asked for inheritance which was a taboo to ask for the inheritance before the father died , it was simply saying “i cant wait for you to die ” surprisingly the father gave him , after he went and wasted all his money on prostitutes he decided to come back and plead for forgiveness he was even willing to become one of the servant . But when he came back the father kissed and embraced him not even giving him a chance to explain himself, there’s alot from this parable but focus on this for now. When the other brother came and found a party instead of celebrating the return of his brother he got mad , and this were his reason ” I have been a good son to you have served you faithfully and you have never even slaughtered for me” the problem with this brother was that he was a ligalist (religious) he thought his performance was what was earning him favor from his father of which he realized later it was not and this made him furious !  this other brother who had spent all his inheritance with prostitutes was under grace the father loved him unconditionally despite his performance . And you can see what the father told the ligalist brother “everything I have belongs to you” but he thought that his works could earn him favor . Now this applies to us are you the first son who is under grace or the second who is a ligalist ?


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