Posted: November 14, 2012 in Uncategorized


If you want to kill a rat you Don’t give it poison alone right? you mix the poison with something it will have to eat! well that is how the devil has done! He has poisoned THINGS that us Christians find spiritually appealing to us , and we do them without understanding its poisoned and Don’t even apply to us new covenant believers, Belive it or not , thats how the devil is keeping us weak, and uboroductive,stop eating from that tree of good and evil(the Law) Adam found it appealing and spiritually enriching , well we all know what happeNed after that! unfortunately we are still eating from this tree, beloved eat from the tree of life and grace(Jesus) he completed all things for you! that religious obligation you fell burdened by ,trust me its not from God. Jesus did it all , when he hang on that cross and cried “IT IS FINISHED” it was for you!! Don’t be enticed by the devil to eat that fruit just because it sounds spiritual to you! remember even the rat thinks “ooh men free meat!!” Don’t fall to that trap Grace & Peace!


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